Art and the natural environment have a long established tradition of connecting people. They inspire a love of nature, learning and creative thinking that bring perspective. Attributes urgently needed in developing a shared sense of well being and prosperity in a finite world.
Locally Inspired
PlayGROUND - Art and Environment, Connecting People is based in Billesley, Birmingham, a 1920’s built council estate. Fortunate in having comparatively ample public green space and gardens, these once flourishing areas have been significantly defoliated and neglected due to depreciation, cuts in public funding and over stretched households. Action to redress the increasing evident decline of our natural environment and create regenerative ways of living together is urgently needed at home, in our communities and governance.
Local and National Impact
Initial plans focus on delivering art and environmental projects locally. They may reference national developments and contribute to wider initiatives for mutual benefit. Delivering creative projects in consultation with community groups and partner organisations is central to our strategy and purpose - to advance art and design inspired by nature, engage commentary, look beyond sustainability and contribute to the ecological protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment. 
Global Influence
Learning from global regenerative cultures and embracing a multidisciplinary approach  informs our research.
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