We support art/design/horticultural/environmental projects that stimulate debate and make a practical, social, ecological, environmental and aesthetic contribution to local communities.
Sharing research, skills and technology are vital ingredients in creating innovative solutions and exploring new ways of living together. Addressing the balance between quality of life, economic livelihood and environmental health are important to all communities.  However, we are particularly interested in working with economically disadvantaged communities.
The projects outlined below are based in Billesley, Birmingham. They are currently being developed in consultation with local community organisations and individuals.
Greenaleigh Road Community Garden
The project will provide:
a community resource for growing food, herbs, teas, and flowers;
an opportunity to experiment with natural materials for creative projects;​​​​​​​
education, skills and training - running horticulture, art, ecology and environmental projects for local residents, community organisations and schools;
a centre for developing a more sustainable/regenerative local community - raising awareness through participation, debate, research, exhibitions, public art works and planting;
a resource for researching, recording and publishing activities for future, long-term and broader application elsewhere to ensure rigorous and relevant practice.​​​​​​​
The allotment will serve as a base, include attractive flexible planting areas and a greenhouse/studio/shed. It will encourage community cohesion, supplement lower incomes, raise higher education opportunities and employability, improve the local environment, and make a positive contribution to health and well-being.
Seeding Common Ground
The project title is a metaphor for building community relationships. Apart from learning about seeds, sowing and planting the project will promote outdoor activity, encourage a healthy diet and create an uplifting environment for the whole community to enjoy.
In addition to setting up small groups for localised planting the project will enhance the outdoor play areas of Chinnbrook Family & Community Project and the entrance to Yardley Wood Library. Other community organisations may also be included.
Seven Generations - Heritage - Tree Planting
Part heritage, part building heritage, this project will look at the history and planning of Billesley Estate and the policies behind the layout, gardens, trees, hedges planting etc. It will look at how the environment and environmental policies have changed, identify the pressures and work with the community to restore/increase the number of trees. Tree planting will be part of building a future heritage.

Whether you are a business, organisation or individual, if you would like to share an idea or get involved, please leave a message on our contact page.
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