Temple for the Gourds
Walk-in geodesic dome structure with climbing Bangladesh gourds. 
In front - Telekia speciosa, also known as the heart-leaved oxeye or yellow oxeye
The gourds were stored in a dry cupboard for a year and their surfaces periodically dried to prevent mildew. Gradually they developed beautiful mould patterns that wicked away moisture. The patterns have been replicated digitally and printed onto cloth to create covers for the dO iT books.
Standing Leylandii - with Helianthus annuus, Teddy Bear Sunflowers
 Homage to Surrealist, Leonora Carrington - thanks to artist Emma Duggan for the title and sunflower painting below. 
Planting in last years stacked straw bale seating, adds rhythm, and connects the Leylandii feature with giant sunflowers, at the other end of the garden.
Phil Stokes, planting and notes, for dyes, inks and structures
Inspired by Rebecca Louise Law's exhibition Seasons at Compton Verney, explored during the workshops we have started to grow, dry and collect seed heads and other plant materials to create wall hangings, light chandeliers and features.
Tomatillo, garlic scapes, Scabiosa stellata and magnolia, seed pods, stems and cones featured here, together with poppy heads, globe thistles, thornapple (Datura) fruits, and more make up our current stash.
Hazel and mallow provide flexible and straight stem materials for building structures.
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